Pass on know-how, share experiences, compare practices, get information and advice…


Over 30 workshops will be offered in 3 thematic areas:


-        Managing a business in the performing arts

-        Developing cultural projects

-        Local initiatives around France


FREE ADMISSION. Space is limited.


Important: This year, all registrations for the workshops must be completed online, at the BIS website. No onsite registration will be available.

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Wednesday, January 20


• Scenography and performing arts, new forms of writing and collaborations

• Listen to the public and non-public...

• Broadcasting show: new realities, new methods

• Creation law project : which answers to the expectations of performers ?

• Cashless : myths and realities

• Full time and part time entertainment employee : socials actualities and DSN

• Carto' classic ! classical music festival, opera, contemporary : let’s play together !

• Avignon OFF festival: issues, participation process and development

• Sacem cultural action • Live data, data streaming on performing arts

• Support and development : the cooperative activities and employment , an approach to cultural entrepreneurship territories

• Cultural rights , territorial reform , ‘ circulaire Valls ’ : What relations between communities and actors?

• Taxation of performing arts

• Presentation skills assessment and advices in professional development for performing arts professionals

• Artists and technicians : Free work, unpaid, poorly paid

• Music creation for young audience : partnership and related cultural actions in territories

• Culture Bar-Bars meetings

• Part time employee social system : model or exception? which developments?

• Crowdfunding in performing arts • Economic angle with key numbers, conference around IDATE synthesis

• Room design consultants

• Endowments fund of art and culture

• Why a Federation of independent structures of creation and artistic production ?

• Audiens and CMB SIST santé au travail” : supports, helps and services in health and disability

• The artist and the digital, or how to exist in the Internet jungle

• Transmission, diversity, young audience : the place of world music in the development of social link

• Independent music publishers and creation financing: which tools for what diversities and which directories ?

• How to understand public transportation and economic impact of festivals

• Avignon, a new model for independent creation



Thursday, January 21


• International mobility

• Build and develop a cultural project at the hospital

• Maternity leave for artists

• Bookers, artists , manager ... New way to declare your shows !

• Use of music in a live performance and SACD

• Benefit from advisory support services to performing arts businesses

• Entertainment contracts

• Protect artists and technicians shows : support professional transitions

• Sing/Sign : evolution (s) of a practice related to deaf people

• Artists and audiovisual capture : legal aspects

• Artistic support : presentation of a digital approach

• Technicians of performing arts and events in the public function

• Producer, organizer, booker, all affected by the cancellation insurance

• The " Service provider of live performance " label : Why? How ? What benefits ?

• Culture and diversification of private resources

• Arts education and project territory : a successful experience with an opera house

• Extrazik : web space to share with your collaborators

• Cooperation tools for the professionalisation of young artists in puppetry arts

• Insurance : determination of compensation rights in case of work resumption not related to the entertainment

• Entertainment businesses : Other form of compensation than a lump sum, is it possible ? How much does it cost ?

• Artists Development / Economic models and local economy

• SCOP / CICS : new forms of governance in culture

• Prevention of professionals risks in the industry of stage set

• Cooperatives digital solutions in culture